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"One of the most rewarding experiences for me is to watch my clients, through the process of our work together, shift into new perspectives, new behaviors and create more satisfying lives. 


I feel honored, and am often moved, by the strength and fortitude of my clients to journey with me to difficult places in order to heal.  I am grateful to participate and actively collaborate with my clients to achieve their goals. 


Because of the many new treatment approaches that have emerged over the last couple of decades, it brings me much pleasure to share these gentle, yet highly effective approaches with others. 


I see my role as someone who empowers others to take these tools into their lives to enrich themselves beyond our work together and  to continue the gains made in therapy. 


My hope is that, through our work together, each person can gain the insight, tools and healing needed to move into their lives more fully, and joyfully, and can emerge from this process feeling more alive and aligned with their own unique purpose."

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