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"Starting with more traditional psychotherapy, we've moved through the many modalities that Amy offers;  practical tools using brainspotting, hypnotherapy, Clinical Chi Kung energy work, as well as meditation, have all contributed to my healing.  Body-centered mindfulness has been the foundation of our work together.  Amy has been a stable and insightful presence in my ongoing journey through a disabling mood disorder.  I've experienced the compassion and experiential knowledge she brings to her work."  Debra S.

"I have seen Amy off and on for over a decade and one word comes to mind--angel.  I feel so blessed for having met her and I am so grateful for all that she has done for me.  Her calming energy and unbelievable insight created the exact environment in which I needed to heal.  Amy knows the right questions to ask and provides you with the most appropriate tools to handle what life has to offer.  Her guidance is always with me."  Sue M.


"She touched my life in a way that I couldn't quite see was possible....and now, it is difficult to see otherwise!  Her work, and genuine belief in my strength, contributed to the healthy transformation I am living."  j.p.

"Amy is an outstanding therapist, and I've seen my fair share over the years.  She has provided a wonderful blend of cognitive therapy, body-centered therapy, mindfulness and other techniques to help process major life events and traumas.  While her flexibility in leveraging more than one approach or technique is a big benefit in my mind, I really appreciate her emphasis on mindfulness concepts such as practicing equanimity, allowing emotions to flow (versus grasping or averting), and staying centered in how emotions are being processed (or not) in my body.  I am one among several of my friends who is working with Amy, and all of us have had equally positive experiences."  S.V.

"Amy has been instrumental in teaching me to manage anxiety more effectively and skillfully.  She has truly helped enhance my quality of life."  J.B. 

 "My experience with Amy has been very rewarding.  I started with Amy because of my depression, anxiety, ADHD and especially to avoid a 12 step program.  She 'encouraged' me to do both the program and psychotherapy.  I am so glad I did!  Amy's approach with various modes of therapy has been most welcome.  Her professionalism is admirable and I also like her friendly, compassionate, humorous side, when I need it.  I have continued with her on various issues because of her listening skills, insight, observations, suggestions, advice.  Even my 'homework' has been very helpful. (No tests)  Her guidance is the right balance for me of comforting and confronting, calming and motivating.  She has helped me see things differently and I rely on her guidance and 'reminders'.  I have learned so much about everyday uses and skills for Mindfulness Meditation Practice.  I felt unable to do this on my own.  I think very highly of Amy & have recommended her to friends.  I trust her."  L.P.

"I came to Amy when I was under extreme stress on many fronts in my life.  Amy has helped me to sort through the causes of this stress and learn to manage my reactions to it both mentally and physically.  She has provided me an invaluable support system at a time it was really needed, but more than that has given me tools that I can use well into the future when obstacles arise.  I highly recommend Amy! " - KM

"There are not many therapists who can immediately spark a change in your life during the first appointment.  That is what Amy did for me.  She instantaneously started the healing process for me.  From day one I could feel the difference in my life.  Amy taught me many different exercises to help create "equanimity" in my life, along with adding tools to my tool box in order to more effectively deal with the variety of situations concerning trauma and anxiety.  Her exercises have time and again proven to be life savers during my day-to-day life.  Her understanding , calm, honest, and (at times) spunky behavior help me get through the thick and thin."  K.O.D.

"Amy Winters was a welcome voice of calm and reason during my time with her.  Amy opened up new doors to emotional acceptance that I never thought I would see.  She has helped me learn how to relieve my anxiety and has given me extremely valuable tools I will use for the rest of my life.  I can't thank Amy enough!"  -  Shelby R.

Amy has been an invaluable partner in helping me to uncover and address several long-standing beliefs/issues that have held me back from living my life in a more engaged and authentic way.  I especially appreciate her down-to-earth, experiential approach in working with clients.  Rather than relying solely on talk therapy, Amy empowers her clients by providing tangible practices that can be utilized outside of the office environment and integrated into daily life.  I have personally recommended Amy to several people and would certainly seek her help again in the future." - H.P.

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