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Over the course of 20 plus years, I have worked with many presenting problems. The following list is representative of what I tend to work with most often and for which I have many years experience. 




Improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, deepen your connection to others.


Learn to manage and overcome panic and anxiety thru cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness skills and relaxation techniques. 


I utilize mindfulness-based approaches in tandem with cognitive therapy to help clients manage and overcome debilitating mood states.


Creating a safe container in which to express and move thru the stages of grief and loss. 

Helping you to rebuild your life.


Helping you to restore trust, move beyond anger, shame, anxiety & depression to live life more fully.     Utilizing EMDR, Brainspotting, mindfulness-based approaches and Gestalt therapy. 


Mindfulness-based, as well as cognitive-behavioral approaches, help you gain new perspectives and integrate new behaviors into your life, whether it's changing careers or lifestyle, relationship or health changes.

(Click on a topic for more detailed information.)


DIVORCE & BLENDED FAMILIES:  Helping you to rebuild your life after divorce.  Utilizing a family systems and cognitive-behavioral approach to help blended families function well and to strengthen relationships.


ADOPTION/INFERTILITY:Working with you around reproductive issues that are emotionally stressful and challenging.  Helping you open new doors.


PARENTING:  Decrease conflicts and power struggles between parents and children/teens and increase positive interactions--my intention is to empower parents with new approaches and skills to improve the parent/child bond and decrease behavioral problems.


LOW SELF ESTEEM:  Helping you gain increased comfort and appreciation for yourself and the ability to step into your life more confidently.


ANGER & REACTIVITY:  Learn how to manage strong emotions and gain insight into old reactive patterns of behavior.


ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER:  Gain tools for managing impulsivity, distractability and challenges with focus, through mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral approaches.


PANIC DISORDER: Cognitive-behavioral work, as well as mindfulness tools, helps clients manage and diminish panic states and cultivate greater relaxation and ease in their lives. 

PTSD:  Utilizing Brainspotting, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique, Gestalt work, as well as traditional cognitive-behavioral approaches to help diminish symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.


PROCRASTINATION: I use cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness tools to help you move into your life more actively.


PERSONAL GROWTH:  Helping individuals to move beyond stuck places and old patterns, and to discover new directions to take or new ways to relate to challenging circumstances.  Helping you achieve greater balance in life.  Mindfulness Meditation Classes offered for personal and spiritual growth.

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