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I work from a holistic approach that integrates traditional cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapies with the highly effective modalities of body-centered mindulness, EMDR, and Brainspotting, to facilitate emotional and behavioral change.  Incorporating hypnosis, Chi Kung and Energy Psychology into the work, if needed and as requested, can further contribute to emotional and behavioral improvements.  My approach is collaborative and interactive, and strives to help you make the changes you seek, at the deepest levels, in order to live your life to its fullest. 



The body has its own inherent wisdom.  Tapping into our bodies as resources for insight and healing is not only an ancient practice stemming from early Buddhist practices, but a recent discovery within the psychotherapeutic community.  Working with the body is the cornerstone of such powerful modern day healing modalities such as EMDR and Brainspotting.  Mindfulness techniques assist in grounding, managing emotional states and inducing relaxation.  Moving beyond talk therapy to body-centered modalities allows optimum healing of core issues and the many other challenges we face in our everyday lives.


Energy Psychology is a merging of psychotherapy and work with the human energy field.   With the therapist's guidance, clients participate in self-tapping on acupoints or work with the meridians, chakras or biofield.  The human energy system, which is the basis for acupuncture and Chinese medicine, is a direct way to access emotional material as well.  I incorporate a variety of modalities, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique and Chi Kung exercises, for working with this fundamental system around psychological material to assist in healing.


My work is influenced by many orientations, including Humanistic Psychology, Psychodynamic Approaches and Cognitive -Behavioral Therapy.  Additional theoretical perspectives and modalities I utilize include family sytems approaches, Gestalt Therapy, Imago Relationship Work, Transpersonal Psychology, and Buddhist Psychology.   


EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, developed by Francine Shapiro, is a powerful, yet gentle, modality for working through trauma, grief, depression, anxiety and other behavioral challenges and patterns.  It integrates body-centered mindfulness with bilateral eye movement or other bilateral sensory gateways.  Clients shift negative self-referencing beliefs to healthy and positive ones thru this work and diminish the emotional activation around prior difficult events. 
Brainspotting, developed by David Grand, similary works with mindfulness and the body in conjunction with bilateral music or nature sounds.   It, additionally, incorporates eye positions to help evoke and maintain contact on the issue being reprocessed and to activate the brain's circuitry around the evoked material.  Both modatlities are particularly effective in healing trauma.




Hypnosis can help process subconscious material to assist in healing emotional material from the past.  I utilize a method of hypnosis that is interactive and incorporates body-centered mindfulness and internal chi kung work.  Self hypnosis can also be taught to assist in reinforcing
positive behavioral change.
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