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For over 22 years I have been helping people to change, grow and lead more satisfying lives.  I have seen hundreds of clients and worked with many presenting problems.  While I work with particular specialties, in many ways I am really a "generalist" who can work with others on a variety of different issues. 


Empowering others to make changes in themselves, or to their circumstances when possible, is an important part of this process.   However, finding greater peace and acceptance with circumstances beyond one's control, is often needed, too.  Drawing from eastern philosophy and my practice of over 20 years as a Vipassana meditator, I see my role, essentially, as helping others to understand themselves at the deepest levels, to tap internal resources and strengths, and to help clarify distortions that bring about suffering to varying degrees.  


I offer hands-on-tools to help diminish accumulated stresses and emotional scars that get in the way of greater understanding and higher functioning.  Teaching clients how to work, skillfully, with their own emotions and life challenges is critical whether someone is dealing with anger issues, depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, job difficulties, loss, or any number of other situations that contribute to feeling helpless, hopeless, confused, stuck or ineffective. 


Developing new perspectives and attitudes can emerge from this process and be a positive framework to approach problems more confidently and effectively.  Learning tools that help clients to be more mindful, awake, present and more fully aligned with their own intuition and wisdom empowers clients to live their lives more intentionally and with greater awareness and satisfaction.


I deeply appreciate working with those who are willing to look at themselves and their lives honestly and to attempt to open new doors, as this is not easy.  My goal is to help you in this exploration of self, to gain useful and practical insights and tools, that allow not only new perspectives to emerge, but that can potentiate life-transforming personal growth and behavior change.



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