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What first stuck me about Amy is her immense capacity for listening.  The experience of being held and heard around difficult to discuss trauma was in itself deeply comforting.  From there, Amy gently but firmly guided me through meditative practices, cognitive work, and somatic work, which I was able to apply in the office, and then at home.  Amy's humor is disarming, her compassion palpable, and her wisdom so often exactly what I need.  Now that I have completed therapy, I feel not only healed, but stronger and happier than before the trauma occurred.  Of the therapists I have worked with, Amy stands head and shoulders above the rest.  I can't recommend her too highly, working with her has been transformative and a joy."  Jordan A.

Amy's thorough understanding of Brainspotting techniques are helpful in working through trauma and loss.  Through her teaching of mindfulness, I have learned how to successfully face and recover from stressful situations and continue to benefit from them.  Meredith

After years of seeing therapists that were unhelpful or uncomfortable--Amy is and was such a breath of fresh air.  She is compassionate and values her clients actively utilizing the tools she gives them or suggests for them in order to better handle and process events in life--sad, stressful, confusing, infuriating....she'll help you with it all.  You'll grow through her help as long as you put in the work, too! (as with anything).  The first therapist I've ever been 100% honest with.  Robin

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