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Mindfulness Meditation, also known as Vipassana or Insight Meditation, is the practice of seeing into the nature of ourselves and the world around us with greater clarity, precision and equanimity. 


Bringing greater awareness to life at the level of sensory experience enables us to gain insight into both our psychological and fundamental natures. 


It enables us to work through emotional experiences skillfully, to deepen into states of tranquility, and, most importantly, to have a practice one can bring into life, to be more skillful in daily living.


Mindfulness Meditation, when done regularly, increases our ability to embrace ourselves with more acceptance, to potentially change old self-defeating behaviors and to live life with more satisfaction, peacefulness and compassion. 



Amy Winters, LCSW has been practicing Mindfulness Meditation for over 20 years.  She has studied primarily with Shinzen Young, an American Vipassana Meditation teacher, who studied extensively in Asia, and who developed The Basic Mindfulness System.


After experiencing the profound benefits of many years of meditation practice, Amy is dedicated to sharing these practices with others.  She incorporates this highly effective mindfulness system into her psychotherapy work with clients.  She also teaches The Basic Mindfulness System in a group format. 


These meditation techniques are a re-working of the traditional Vipassana practices for a modern world. They do not require that one hold or acquire any particular belief system.



Class Location:

3393 Iris

Suite 208

Boulder, CO  80301


Contact info:



Periodically throughout the year, Amy offers five week mindfulness meditation classes  for small groups at her office.  Classes are offered on a donation basis (suggested donation of $15-20 per class) and typically are held on Tuesday evening from 7-9 for five weeks.  A daylong mindfulness meditation retreat is held at the completion of those classes to allow participants to more fully experience the benefits that mindfulness meditation can bring to our everyday lives. 





Day of Mindfulness

To Be Announced....

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